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James Franco Icon Tut

From: Photobucket To: Photobucket
Not translatable as it involves selective color. I use PSCS. 7 steps.
Other examples:
Photobucket Photobucket

1. Open up your image. I used one of James Franco. :D. Paste it into a 100x100 document.
2. I duplicated my image and went to Filter>Sharpen>Sharpen.
3. To brighten it up, make a new Curves layer. I like to use Curves rather than the Screen layer mode because Curves gives you more control. I just wanted it brightened a little bit, so here are my settings:
RGB: 122, 137
4. Next, I wanted to give his skin some more color. So I made a Hue/Saturation layer:
Master: 0, +10, 0
5. I wanted the image to be much greener. So I made a Color Balance layer:
Midtones: +16, +34, +33
Shadows: -13, +12, -6
Highlights: +10, +22, 0
6. Next, I played around with Channel Mixer. Here are my settings:
Red: +100, -8, +20
Green: -2, +106, +2
Blue: +12, +6, +100
7. Lastly, I made a Selective Color layer:
Reds: +100, -7, +15, -10
Yellows: +20, +56, -4, +8
Cyans: +36, -18, +75, +1
Magentas: +30, +20, +15, -6
Neutrals: +19, +14, -8, +6
And you're done! I'd love to see outcomes, and comments/questions are great too. :)

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