cait the great~ (heartoutofstone) wrote in icon_tutorial,
cait the great~

simple 'lost' colouring tutorial


+ photoshop cs2
+ selective colour used
+ beginner friendly
+ psd included

other results achieved using similar steps:

+ crop base.

+ filter>sharpen>unsharp mask . amount: 10.

+ layer>new adjustment layer>curves.
RGB: input=58, output=101
red: input=187, output=203
green: input=138, output=156

+ layer>new adjustment layer>selective color.
reds: -1, 0, +3, +9
: 0, +2, -8, 0
neutrals: 0 0 0 +8
blacks: 0 0 0 +6

+ layer>new fill layer>solid color, #e6c8b0. set to soft light @ 20% opacity.

+ layer>new fill layer>solid color, #f5f5f5. set to color burn @ 100% opacity.

+ layer>new adjustment layer>levels.
input = 15 1.21 255
output = 0 255

+ layer>new adjustment layer> hue/saturation.
master: saturation +22
reds: saturation -14
yellows: saturation -18

+ layer>new>layer.
take a round brush, 133 px diameter and 0% hardness. with a soft gray colour (i used #dcdcdc), click once or twice in the upper left hand corner or wherever you want. actually you could skip this step if you wanted to, its not that important. set this layer to lighten at around 12% opacity.

you can download the psd here or here

other results achieved with similar steps:


Tags: program: photoshop, resource: screen captures, tutorial: colouring

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