shalia74 (shalia74) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Blending Problem with PS7


I've recently had to re-install Photoshop (I use PS7) and I have now a problem for blending.

I usually used the gradient tool to make blendings. In the past I could use the gradient more than once on one image to get it to blend the way I wanted to. Since I've reinstalled the program, I can use the gradien once to blend but if I try using it once more, it erases the previous gradient blend I did (tonight it also reduced the opacity of the whole image).

Does someone know what is going on or how I can fix the problem ?

(I know that PS CS2 gave me the same problem too, when trying to use gradients more than once to blend, which is why I chose to stay with PS7)

Thanks in advance

(If there's anything you don't understand, please ask. English isn't my first language so I tried to explain it the best I could.)
Tags: program error: photoshop

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