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Photoshop CS4
9 steps (easy)
Not translateable (includes selctive coloring)
.psd? Yes

other examples

1. layer >> duplicate layer. Set it to Screen 100%.
It will make icon lighter. Duplicate your base as many times as it is needed. It depends of the darkness of your icon. I duplicated it only one time. So we get something like this:

2. layer >> new adjustment layer >> curves. Set it to Normal about 70%.

first point
in: 52
out: 103
second point
in: 104
out: 154

first point
in: 67
out: 109
second point
in: 175
out: 92

in: 127
out: 105

This is the step which is preparing icon to the next move. Now we're making icon more blue/green (don't know how do define color xd.) Thanks that selective color in next step will cause deeper color of the image. 

3. layer >> new adjustment layer >> selective color

reds: -45, -23, 100, 100
yellows: 100, 100, 100, 45
whites: 100, 100, 100, -45
neutrals: 56, 23, 34, 23

See it? Now icon looks much more better! I think this is a nice look, so you can stop at this moment. But I want my icon greenish, so I go on.

4. layer >> new fill layer >> solid color. Fill it with #efd3d3 and set to Soft Light about 55%.
Truthfuly, this step doesn't change much. It only makes icon a little bit brighter. You can just skip this fill layer.

5. layer >> new adjustment layer >> channel mixer

red: 123, -34, -6, 0
green: 0, 89, 0, 0
blue: 12, 12, 67, 0

Personaly this is one of my favourite actions in Photoshop (except exclusion thing ; P). In this step we've made our icon darker with making it greenish, as I wanted it to be. Yunho's lips looks really nice and sexy with this red, but whole icon does'nt look good, does it? That's why we're going to make color balance now.

6. layer >> new adjustment layer >> color balance

midtones: 23, 12, 23
mhadows: 12, -12, -5
highlights: 10, 12, 0
Make sure that Luminosty is checked.

Yes, looks great. But we're going further, 'cause guidelines of this tutorial is to make icon greenish (am I overusing word 'greenish'? oO. Oh, whatever...).

7. layer >> new fill layer >> solid color. Fill it with #5c2727 and set to Exclusion 55%.
Now it's green/brown. As I wanted it to be. But now this too dark. We're going to fix it in next step.

8. layer >> new adjustment layer >> curves

first point
in: 74
out: 71
second point
in: 173
out: 193

OK, quite nice. But now... Too bright! As for me, of course. You can skip also last turn, because I'm making it only because I want my icon to be a little bit darker.

9. layer >> new adjustment layer >> brightness/contrast

brightness: -23
contrast: 45

Oh, I love his lips XD.

Get the .PSD here.
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