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>> or

Difficulty: easy/medium
Steps: 7-8 steps . Depending on whether you use the texture or not .
Translatable: uses a layer of black and white gradient map :P
but you may be able to tranlate that . And this tutorial has no selective colouring .
Uses: Colour Fills, one texture layer and a gradient map layer .

1. prepare your base. Mine looked awfully dull so I duplicated the base 3 times; set the first one to screen, 2nd copy to softlight. The softlight layer made my icon have to much contrast, so the 3rd one was set to linearburn 37%. Multiply has a similar effect, but lighter. But honestly, step one varies depending on your own base .

2. Colour Fill layer: B86D01 set to darken with its opacity lowered to 24%

3. New Colour fill layer: FFE6E6 set to colour burn 100%

4. New Colour Fill layer: A5A4A4 set to darken at 33%

5. Make sure that your foreground colour is set to black, and background set to white . Don't do it the otherway around, cause it won't turn out right if you do . Then make a gradient map layer .
If you don't know how to do this, go to layer>>new adjustment layer>>Gradient map.
When you're done, you should have a black and white image . Set this layer to softlight 100% It gives your image a little bit of depth :3

6. New Fill layer: 171717 set to exclusion 100%

7. New Fill layer: 080C15 set to difference with its opacity lowered to 80%

The next step is optional, and it only looked good cause there was a nice amount of dark space beside the main focus of my image .

8. Paste this texture by babliz  and set it to screen 100%
I LOVE seeing comments and/or results ;D

I would prefer if comments were directed here at the original post :)
Tags: anime & manga: colouring, program: photoshop

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