dj_tlc_fizzle (dj_tlc_fizzle) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Does anyone know how I can do this ...

Okay, this isn't really an icon question, but I have no idea where to ask. So I'm going to ask here. I want to make a music video for a song. But the problem is I have a vision in my head and I don't know what program will allow me to make my vision come alive.

See what I want to happen is this: [I’ll try to explain the best I can] …
I want to have objects, and I want them to look like neon lights, but they’ll have their original form (kinda)

But they’ll also have a neon lightish effect.

I want the two object to come together (Collide) and burst into neon smoke.

Also, the neon light. Um, I kind of want them to look like the ones from those IPOD commercials.

Does anyone know what program I can use to do this and possible what tutorial(s) might help me? Please and thank you.

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