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Barack Obama Icon Tut

Okay so this one isn't my best but due to the new rule I will try to explain it as best as I can.
From: Photobucket To: Photobucket
This is not very difficult at all, in my opinion, and it's only 5 steps. I may provide the .psd if I feel like it. :P I use Photoshop CS4

So, today we're going to learn through 5 steps how to make your image have a orangy tint. Here we go.
1. Make a new 100x100 document, and in case you're new, that size is the default for Livejournal icons. Paste in your image.

If you wish, set it to Screen to brighten it up, but for the tut we have to make it darker, so I decided against that. If it looks too dark in the end for your taste, then you should set it to screen at the end.

2. We're going to give his skin a bit of a reddish tone. Increasing the Saturation to about +10-20 will do that, but it really depends on your image. I just wanted to give Obama's skin some more liveliness, but not too much, so I set it +15.

3. On my other computer, I only have Creative Suite 1. Now that I have started using CS4, there's this great option called "Black and White," which is an adjustment layer. I find it works better than desaturating an image, but unfortunately the option is only on CS2 or later.

If you are using PSCS, then it works well enough to use Ctrl+Shift+U (which desaturates the image). The reason why Black and White works so much better is because you can adjust the settings. You can make it darker or lighter etc..

Okay, back on topic. We're going to use Black and White by going to Layer>Adjustments>Black and White. There's also a shortcut for adjustment layers by going to the Layers Palette, and clicking on the black and white circle. Leave the default settings (the ones that were already there) and set that layer to Overlay, 100%. That should darken up the image, and it's not quite the same as a Soft Light, which is an alternative if that's easier for you.

4. Now we're going to give the image a bit of a blue tint. I'm going to use Selective Color for that. What's so great about Selective Color is that you don't have to change all the colors in the image - if you only want the Cyan or the Reds changed, then it's SELECTIVE about what to color differently. It's a great tool.

Now I wanted to increase the reds and blue in the image. But you wanna know a secret? Honestly, I don't think the "Cyans" setting does the trick about the blues and neither does the "Blues" settings. So, I'm going to go to Neutrals. If you increase the Cyan in the neutrals from I'd say 10 to 25%, then you'll get a lot of blue in the image. Don't overdo it - and don't just use my settings (which I'll provide in a moment as a guide), because it really does depend on your image. Increasing the Magenta in Neutrals makes the image very purple, but I didn't want that. So here are my settings (I also used some Yellows):

+12, -32, +69, 0
+28, +100, 0, 0
+23, -1, +13, -5
As you can see, I wanted it pretty blue, but we're going to change that.

5. Now we're going to add a Color Balance layer. Color Balance is a great tool because if an image is too blue or yellow or red etc., then you can increase or decrease something a little bit (or a lot) and it will balance out the colors. I like it. :D

Here are my settings, and I'd actually advise you do something similar, but maybe not with the same numbers. What's really going to make the difference here is the Shadows, but the Midtones and Highlights will make small differences:

-9, -16, -31
+22, +8, +6
+24, -5, 0
And you're done! I hope this was explained well enough so it's not deleted, please warn me if it's not. Sorry for any spelling mistakes, and comments and questions are welcome!

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