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Solved: drawing on a photo with a smooth looking outcome?

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Program: Photoshop 7
Tools: Mouse and Pen.
Problem: I want to draw (outline) on photos like this picture but my results are always jagged lines and drawing. Is there any way I can make smooth draw outlines on a photo?
Solved! Thanks for the help guys:)

More infomation: I really like the effect of white line that outlines the people and flower that meets up with the text then continues on. I realize that the text is likely added over top of the line only appearing to change into text then change back. And I also realize that the light handwriting behind the line outline is likely a texture rathen then drawn on.

Every time I try to outline or draw on a photo like this one my lines look jagged. I've tried the paint brush and pencil brush on different settings and it still looks jagged. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

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wallpaper by [info]dana_cz </lj>
Tags: graphic effects: outlines

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