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Tutorial 07: Satori Komeiji

Today we'll go from:


Difficulity: Medium/hard
Program: Photoshop CS2

1. Take your base. I'll use Satori from Touhou~

2. Make a new Levels layer to make it a little lighter:


20 1.20 255

3. The base is sort of dull. Make a new Hue/saturation layer to brighten up the colours a bit more.

Saturation: +27

4. We need to pump the colours more! Make a new selective colour layer:

C: -100
M: 0
Y: -8
B: +8

C: -100
M: -14
Y: +11
B: -25

C: -100
M: 0
Y: +100
B: 0

C: -100
M: +9
Y: -6
B: 0

C: -36
M: -9
Y: -11
B: 0

C: +5
M: +4
Y: -12
B: +57

5. Lets add a little more red. Another new selective colouring layer.

C: -49
M: +5
Y: -2
B: 0

C: -100
M: +2
Y: +36
B: -4

C: +100
M: 0
Y: -100
B: 0

C: 0
M: -5
Y: -9
B: +56

C: -7
M: -1
Y: -8
B: -4

6. Its a bit to red now. Lets make it a little more blue. Make a new colour balance layer.


-28 +3 +39


-5 +14 -8


+11 0 -9

7. I want it darker. Make a new curves layer.


Point 1:

Input: 90
Output: 79

Point 2:

Input: 183
Output: 185

8. I want to make the purple more stronger. Now select the colour #3f0048 as foreground colour and #00ffb4 as background colour and make a new
gardient map layer.

It'll look like this:

Click ok and set that layer on soft light 63%.

9.  It need a little less colour. now take this texture by bambinainnero and set it on darken 100% altough i didnt liked it i altered the texture by moving it a bit down and brushing a bit on the top (so the texture will look like this)

10. To make it more darker, take this texture also by bambinainnero and set it to multiply 100%

11.  I want to brighten the reds a little more. Make a new selective colouring layer.

C: -100

12. Make a new layer and set it to screen 100% i brushed a dot on the icon with bright red and with a softbrush(45~65px)

13.  Its a bit boring now, we need some lights~ Now take this texture from the13thboombox and i flipped it 180 degrees and set it to screen 100%.

14. Now make a new colour fill layer and select the colour #e8e4d9 and set the layer on multiply 100%.

15. We need to brighten it up, its to dark. Make a new Brightness&contrast layer:


16. To jack up the colours again, make a new selective colouring layer and use the colouring of step 2 of this tutorial of me.

17. Now i took this texture by ??? flipped it horizontal and set it to screen 100%.

18. Make a new colour fill layer with the colour #171717 and set it to soft light 24%.

19.  Some scratch textures will look nice. now take this texture by kaanivaru and set it to screen 100%, i moved it a bit to the left.

20. now take this texture by uhh me and set it on screen 100% and move it around till you like it.

21. Now i putted some tiny text and done!~

More outcomes:

Thanks for looking and I love to see your results~

Please leave all your comments and questions here

Tags: anime & manga: colouring, colouring: colour balance, colouring: curves, colouring: selective colouring, graphic effects: gradients, graphic effects: textures, program: photoshop, tutorial: colouring

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