Etoile (etoilepb) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Mod Resource Post (For Archiving): Font Websites

Here are various favorite websites (not LJ users) where members of the community find fonts to use.

If you have a suggestion to add to the list, leave a comment to this post and I'll check it out. Comments may be deleted after I add the site to the list, to keep the post sort of clean and easily readable as a resource. Thank you.
  • 1001 Free Fonts

  • Abstract Fonts

  • Acid Fonts

  • Blambot


  • DaFont

  • Font Diner

  • Font Face

  • Font Freak

  • Font Garden

  • Font Search Engine

  • Freeware Fonts

  • Highfonts

  • House of Lime

  • Misprinted Type

  • Scriptorium

  • ThemeWorld Fonts
  • Tags: !mod posts, resource: fonts, resource: link list
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