souvenir moi. (explodeyy) wrote in icon_tutorial,
souvenir moi.

help with imageready.

FIXED! Thank you to cutting_onions .

I use ImageReady 7.

I've been having this problem for years and just now acknowledged it.
All the animated icons and gifs i make in imageready seem to be sped up in firefox. (Like, insanely sped up).

And this is for only firefox.

A friend of mine fixed it for me in animation shop. This is what it's supposed to be. Not the one before it.
I have no problem with the first icon since i use Google Chrome, and I've checked it on Internet Explorer and it's what it's supposed to be.
The second one i thought would be slower in other browsers but it's just fine. It's how it's supposed to be. Not the first one.

So am i doing something wrong or is it just ImageReady or Firefox? I'm thinking it's something about the second delay. I just don't get how it's sped up in Firefox but not in other browsers.

Somebody help!
And if this post isn't allowed, tell me so i can delete it.
Tags: animation: animated gifs, animation: mini movies, animation: miscellaneous, program: imageready
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