J.E. (bevel) wrote in icon_tutorial,

Program: Photoshop CS3
Steps: 8
Translatable: No
PSD: Yes

Get this: From this:

1) Prep your base, if your base is dark I suggest adding a screen layer set to 100%

2) I want to add a little warmth and contrast to the image, so i'm using a levels layer
Layer>New adjustment layer>Levels
RGB: 34 1.45 255
Red: 1 1.12 255

3) I'm going more towards a pinkish coloring, so were going to add a light pink layer
Layer>New fill layer>Set to colorburn at 45% and set fill to 54%
Choose #f69ec1

4) It was looking a little too pink, so I wanted to add some more color to the image by adding
a curves layer
Red: I: 83 O: 29, I: 157 O: 145
Green: I: 74 O: 62, I: 128 O: 133
Blue: I: 84 O: 62, I: 127 O: 125, I: 180 O: 189

5) To add more pink to the image, i'm adding a medium pink fill layer
Layer>New fill layer>Set to softlight
Choose #c37a97

6) I wanted to add more shadows to this image by adding a black & white layer (if you have
cs2 and below, use a black to white gradient set to softlight)
Layer>New adjustment layer>Black & White>Set to softlight
Reds: 3
Yellows: 49
Greens: 47
Cyans: 71
Blues: 23
Magentas: 94

7) To make the image with more of a muted effect, I added a channel mixer layer
Red: 94 0 0
Green: -1 99 -5
Blue: -2 2 100

8) I wanted to lighten up the images color just a bit so I added a color balance layer
Midtones: -37 -13 -15
Shadows: -4 4 10
Highlights: -12 -9 -9

Examples using similar settings:


(psd included)

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