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tutorial 02.

.Tutorial #02 feat. Oliver & Christian.

Program: Photoshop CS4.
Translatable: I think so. It DOESN'T include selective color.
Includes: Curves, Levels, Channel Mixer, Color Fill, brightness/Contrast, Textures & Photo Filter.


Well, since I'm totally decided to work with Ollian caps, I've made this tutorial, of course, it's not going to work on every image. Ollian caps are *how can he says this to not sound vulgar* not good, I found this one, it's not the worst screencap, but it's not the best either.

I think I've reached a goal here, and that one is, It doesn't look like a screencap, as I can see, don't know if you guys think the same.


- Crop your base as you want. sharpen if you want/need. I sharpened my icon (base, actually) at the beginning, but you can do it when you're done, it's all up to you. I usually, sharpen the images at the end, but I wanted to try something new.


1.- Create a Curves layer ( layer > new adjustment layer > curves ).

INPUT: 122


.{This will light up your image, you can either work with a screen layer to light your image. I prefer to use curves instead, I don't really know why, I think they give you more "control" of the image. If your image is too dark you might rise the output valor, but don't rise it too much because your image will lose contrast and will look way too clear}.

2.- Create a Brightness/Contrast layer ( layer > new adjustment layer > brightness/contrast ).

Contrast: +10

Use Legacy: ON (checked)

.{There's a sightly difference between use legacy on and off (checked and not-checked, respectively). On gives more contrast to the picture, it looks more colorful}.

3.- Create a Levels layer ( layer > new adjustment layer > levels ).

RGB:  10  -  1,30  -  250

RED:  20  -  1,00  -  240

GRE:   0  -  0,90  -  255

BLU:  10  -  1,10  -  255

.{As you might notice, the image is a kind of yellow. I know, I know, you might say that the result is yellow (or have some yellow), too, but the color isn't nice, so this will light the image up a bit, it will add contrast and some yellow tones will be turned purple, magenta, whatever you might call this color}.

4.- Create a Photo Filter layer ( layer > new adjustment layer > photo filter ). Set this to SOFT LIGHT, opacity 100%.

Filter: Cooling Filter (80) [blue one]

Density: 25%

Preserve Luminosity: checked.

.{Set to soflight, this layer will give more pink to the image, besides it will add more contrast, I chose this one because I want to give a pink/purple touch for now}.

5.- Create a Channel Mixer layer ( layer > new adjustment layer > channel mixer ).

RED : 95  -30  20

GREEN :  -15  110  1

BLUE : -39  41  99

.{I must confess that Channel Mixer is my favourite tool so far, I wouldn't really know how to explain what we got here. The image will be darker, this will add a cyan tone and we got the yellows back}.

6.- Add this texture ) made by me.

Set this to SOFT LIGHT.

Opacity: 70%.

.{This will help to light the icon up and this will give an orange tone}.

7.- Add this texture () made by me.

Set this to SOFT LIGHT.

Opacity: 20%.

.{I don't want an icon super, super light, so the texture will light it a bit and add a yellow tone, too}.

8.- Create a Levels layer ( layer > new adjustment layer > levels ).

RGB:  11  -  0,91  -  241

.{Use it to dark the icon a bit, and also, to have more contrast. This also gets the reds more colorfull}.

9.- Create a Color layer  ( layer > new fill layer > solid color ).


Set this to SOFTLIGHT.


.{I liked the color given on the previous step, but it was too dark, so this will light the icon}.



10.- Add this texture (?)  made by me.

Set this to SCREEN.

 .{You can do it yourself, pick a soft brush and start painting the edges}.

Easy! isn't it?.Of course, you might play around with the setting, add/remove layers.
Tags: colouring: channel mixer, colouring: curves, graphic effects: textures, program: paint shop pro, program: photoshop, tutorial: colouring, tutorial: textures
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