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Another CS5 question D:

Back so soon, I know, but CS5 is just so different! Two questions:

1) When you open a new image in CS5, if you have another image open, it opens in the same window as your current image. I can't stand this. If I open several images, they all open in the same window. I know I can go up and click "Float All in Windows", but I was just curious if there's a way to change it so they open in their own windows. If not, I'll get over it, I guess XD ANSWERED.

2) As someone who used CS2 for YEARS, CS5's way of making animated icons is extremely different. With IR CS2, you could import a folder as frames, but I don't see this option anywhere in CS5. Either I'm just blind, or I'm not thinking of another way to do this, but can anyone offer any suggestions? ANSWERED

Thanks for all the help :)
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