Bess & her hinky--dinks (sylvir) wrote in icon_tutorial,
Bess & her hinky--dinks

Eep question on the quality of gif

Using: Photoshop CS4

I'm trying to save this animated gif, but it keeps reducing the image quality of the .gif [so the gif looks all pixel-y]. In the animation window, there are 4 tabs, "Original", "Optimized" "4-Up" and "2-Up". It keeps saving with the settings for "Optimized" and I want it to save with the settings for "Original" even though the gif file becomes twice as large in size...

Here's a picture of my screen:

I'm trying to get it to save with the image quality on the left, but it keeps saving with the image quality on the right (the circled part marks the most notable difference in quality).

Any idea on how to fix this or why it's doing that?
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