victoria〜 (khunfused) wrote in icon_tutorial,

help with animation effect?

hello there~

i'm wondering how to make an gif such as this?

the background behind jaebeom (the guy clapping) was somehow altered to make it one color, in this case light blue.
this is the affect that i would like to achieve.

i use animation shop. if photoshop is necessary then i use cs5.

here is another example if you don't quite get my question.

i'm fairly sure it's the same affect.
i have no idea if you have to separate each frame and do something complicated, or if this is a simple process.

i haven't seen any posts relating to this, at least i think i went far enough looking for an answer.
any help would be greatly appreciated!!! <3

credits for the jay icon kaizena and
the amber gif... the watermark is very small and i can't read it ;~;
Tags: animation: animated gifs
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