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Lightening an all-black GIF background?

Program(+version) I'm using: Adobe Photoshop CS5
Example(s) of the coloring I want to learn how to make + credit to the maker:
I'd like to just wash the entire graphic so it's the same sort of khaki colour as my icon, credit to my friends over at [info]capulettes .

So I recently got into using GIFs for background, and while I'm quite chuffed that I can do this now, usually unless I have tons of negative space to work with (black on black, usually), I'm really horrible at creating that flow with another colour. Basically, I was hoping to get the entire background of my background (the black) lightened to the same sort of khaki/peach as my icon. As I'm new to making backgrounds as well, would anyone have any suggestions on what to do for this? I usually could do this on my own, but now working with GIFs, I have absolutely no idea how to work with GIF programs in Photoshop (I use an online GIF editor in combination with the Photoshop.) Could anyone help me? :)
Tags: colouring: adding colour to b&w images, program: photoshop
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