Harper (happy_harper13) wrote in icon_tutorial,

DVD Ripping on Mac

I have DVDs of the Wire, which I would like to autocap, presumably on VLC.  I've looked around quite a bit and found what I thought were the right settings on Handbrake.  However, lo and behold, they weren't so correct, and the m4v file created has strange stripes through it.  See example below where Michael has stripes through his jacket.  One of the particularly odd things about this was how, when I changed the size of the image, the lines would change strangely too, almost like a sideways moving squiggly line.

Example of the stripes on his jacket below.

So, Mac users who make screencaps from actual DVDs, or just mac users who convert DVD files to video without losing basic image quality: Any suggestions?

I'm pretty desperate and will give cookies (and by cookies, I mean textures, icon, screencaps or other resources of choice) to anyone who can help me out on this.  (That's not breaking a rule, is it?)

Also, can I get a "program: Handbrake" tag?

Tags: basics: image file formats, basics: miscellaneous, basics: screen capture, program error: mac, program error: video files, program: vlc player, resource: screen captures

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