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texture tutorial

shalowater asked for a texture tutorial. So I decided to try my hand at one. We will be making a texture like these:

▪ There are two ways to start with your texture. You can use a stock picture or start completely from scratch. I mostly use a stock picture. But I will explain both ways here.

▪ Open up a blank canvas. Pick any size you like. When I'm starting from scratch I mostly use 800x600. Pick a round hard brush and start brushing with a couple of colors over your canvas. Don't be afraid to brush the colors over each other.
Here's how my canvas now looks

▪ Gaussian blur that layer. I had mine set to 75,8. But pick out something you like.
This is what it looks like now

▪ When you use a stock picture you also Gaussian blur it. I will continu with my from scratch canvas

▪ Now make a new layer and fill it with black. After that make sure your colors are set to black and white.

▪ Now go to filter --> render --> differnce clouds
This is what it should look like

▪ Set the opacity of that layer to 20%. I set the layer to color dodge for this one. You an also leave it at normal or try something else.
Your result so far

▪ Next we will be using the following texture from It's a site with texture you can use for almost everything.
Here you go
Set it to soft light and change the opacity to 30%

▪ Now we are going to add a scratch texture. Here's a tutorial on how to make your own or Here's another one
For this tutorial I decided to use a premade one. But I suggest to try and make your own. Here's the texture

▪ Now as the last step set that texture to screen with an opacity of 30%. And if you want your texture to be B&W then just add a black and white layer on top of it.

▪ And now we are done

Large texture
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