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Photoshop Problem

Ok I know this is going to sound a bit irrelevant but I really need help. I cant work when something is distracting me and something is coming up in Photoshop 7. Whenever I open a picture, there is a gray number O1 at the top left corner and beside it, something that looks like an envelope? There also seems to be a blue border around my picture. It isnt on the picture after I save but its there while im working in photoshop. Can somebody please help me to turn it off or get rid of it?

I have a screencapture under the cut.

Which reminds me of another problem I have... I try to screencap from Windows Media Player and it turns out black when I try to save the capture in MSPaint. I was trying to take screencaptures when that gray 01 box thing happened, actually. But I really care more about the gray box right now. I'd really appreciate any help.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com ugh it makes me so mad! i cant continue making my icons.. rrr.. i almost threw a tantrum. please help.


May. 30th, 2005 03:16 pm (UTC)
That's just the guide for slicing images, it's not hard to get rid of. :D Mine pops up sometimes too and while it's a hassle to always have to go and get rid of it (very repetetive at times) it's easy schmeasy ^_^

Just go up to View->Show. "Slices" is probably checked. Just uncheck it and it should get rid of it. ^_^ Also, it you have the pen tool selected, the slices automatically come up and they don't disappear until you go uncheck them again. I hope that solves that for ya. :D

Also with the screencapping, I think you're having the same prob I had with my capping before I discovered how to do it. Are you capping it by using the Print Screen (PrtSC) button on your comp, or by some other means?

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