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Photoshop6+ icon tutorial...

After I posted this personal icon last night, I found my inbox inundated with requests from people on my friends list to know how I did it. Thus, I wrote a step-by-step tutorial on it.

You're going to learn how to make this style icon:

Well, for this icon, I started off with this screencap.

Then I cropped it, and pasted it into a new file, getting this:

I resized it to 100 pixels x 100 pixels, and adjusted the resolution to 72 pixels per inch.

Next, I duplicated the layer four times, and kept the default names for the layers (ie, layer one copy 1, and so on). I set all of the layers except layer one to invisible so I could see the effects on the layers as I worked. I set layer one to luminosity, which on a white background, looks like this:

Then I set layer 1 copy to multiply, which looks like this:

Layer 1 copy 2 was set to overlay:

Layer 1 copy 3 was set to screen:

Layer 1 copy 4 was set to screen, also, and here I have my base image:

To my eyes, the image didn't have enough definition, so I selected Layer 1 copy 4 and ran it through the "sharpen more" filter, and now it looks like so:

I created a new layer (layer 2), and did a color fill in blue (#012984), which looks like this over the top of the other layers, predictably:

Select layer two and set it to screen. It looks like this:

Create a new layer (layer three), and use an icon-sized filmstrip brush at 100% pressure with your airbrush on it. Black works best, but other colors would work, too. It looks like so:

Select layer 2, and use your rectangular marquee tool to select the inside borders of your upper filmstrip brush. Cut them out so your base layers show through. Like so:

Then, set a 1 pixel black stroke on the inside of layer two. This gives a border to the bottom segment of the icon and adds definition to the filmstrip effect.

Create a new layer (layer 4) between layer 1 copy 4 and layer 2, and use a horizontal blinds brush in white at 50% pressure. It looks like so:

Set layer 4 to overlay, and reduce the opacity to 41%. It looks like this when you're finished:

Select layer three and text in black, using whatever font and size you want down in the lower portion of the icon. (In this case, I used Young Love in size 30.)

Set your text layer to overlay.

Duplicate it if necessary, until you get it as dark as you want it. In this case, I duplicated the "drunk" text layer one time to get it dark enough for my taste. Then use white text to say whatever else you want to say. In this case, I used the whole phrase "I'm pretty drunk." in 04b capitals.

Then, set a black stroke around your white letters. It looks like this:

And, voila! Spiffy new iconage!

The brushes used in this tutorial are below:

Any questions, just leave a comment!

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