August 7th, 2003

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PS7 tute....

The moderator of this lovely community asked me to post this tutorial here. ^_^x It's a little trick for making transparent icons in Adobe Photoshop 7. I am not sure if this works in any other version of Photoshop, or if it will work in Paint Shop Pro. If anyone tries this in anything other than PS 7 and it works, please let me know and I'll add those specs to the tutorial.

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Four tutorials for PSP (I use PSP 7 in the tutorials)

impetus_icons pointed me to this tutorial community, asking me to post up my own ones. o_o So, here I am. XD Alright, here's the deal - this is for for PSP users. I have four tutorials up right now (links below go to my journal and right to the tutorials). I hope this helps people!

These are the ones I have right now:

-How to do a wispy effect
-How to outline small fonts (because the PSP program sure as hell doesn't know how to do it itself. o_o)
-How to make transparent parts
-How to do a grid-like effect

I'm planning on making more as I learn myself. People say I do a semi-good job explaining. o_o;

If you have any suggestions for my next tutorial, feel free to...suggest. ^~
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