September 3rd, 2003

Mini-Movie tutorial using Photoshop and Animation Shop

I made a mini-movie icon for the first time last night, and immediately several people asked how to make them. I've not seen anyone do a tutorial on them so far, so I figured that I'd write one up and post it in case anyone was interested.

The tutorial is behind the cut, since it's quite long, and there are several images involved. I've never written a tutorial before, so my apologies if something's been overlooked, or things are overexplained. Constructive criticism is appreciated - I'll go back and change things if people say that I'm overexplaining, or not clear enough.

Full disclosure: I didn't come up with the idea of making these. I have no idea who did, but whomever it was is pretty damn clever, I think. Also, I've only been making icons since the beginning of August, so my skills are sort of rudimentary in some areas. There are lots of things that are "common knowledge" that I just don't have, and I'm sure that there are a lot of shortcuts that I'm missing. If I've made things more complicated than they need to be, please let me know, and I'll try and fix it.

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Edited on 5/12/03 to add: If you have questions about how to get the images to make the animation itself, please read the comments here, here and here. Also, I have no idea how to screencap in Windows Media Player. Sorry.


i'm new here, and i love icons, and i would love to make some. unfortunately, all i have in Corel Photo-Paint and CorelDraw (versions 8 and 10), which i cannot figure out for the life of me. can anyone help me out with this?? i can put text on the icons, but i can't make it very small (ie. only about one word'll fit if you want to see the image), and i can't make animated icons either...the same picture just goes on every frame i try to make. any help would be insanely appreciated...thanks!!


Okay, basically this is a "business" type post -- aka, not really a tutorial.

I just wanted to let all of our new members who may not have read the entire userinfo (although you most certainly should, heehee) know that we have a resources section towards the bottom. It includes two excellent Photoshop tutorials by saava, along with a few links for basic Photoshop help and fonts, etc. I'm asking anyone out there who knows of a few good places for tutorial/program references, fonts, pictures, brushes, whatever, to please comment here so I can expand on our resources.

Also, in the poll from a few weeks ago (still open if anyone wants to add to it), etoilepb mentioned we need more publicity. I couldn't agree more with her. She's doing an excellent job of pimping the community, even beating me to it, leading to a humorous discussion about pimping the community that probably scares off more people than it brings in--I don't know, I'm just rambling. ANYWAY, if you have any ideas on how we can pimp the community without spamming every single icon community in the world, that would be greatly appreciated. And if you're a moderator for an icon community, could you please either do a short mention for us or let me know so myself or one of the other moderators can do a mention?

[/insane moderator rambling]
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