September 21st, 2003

Adobe Premiere?

Newbie in this community, and I'm in grave danger ( well.. not really. ) Can anybody help me?

I make animated icons for people and myself and stuff (*points to Eowyn icon*). I use the trial version of Jasc Animation Shop and I got the hang of it, but the trial version is about to run out. I have about 5 days or so left. So this is my problem, when it runs out, i still have backup programs, but I practically have no idea how to use it.

Can anybody help me with Adobe Premiere LE? It came with my computer, and I have no idea how to work it. Can anybody make a movie icon in that program? If you can, might you help? XD I also can watch DVD's on my computer, and I have Interactual Player to play DVDs, i also tried using Windows Movie Maker to transfer the DVD clips to that, but it wont't work and I'm braindead as we speak (-_-).

If anybody can help out with Adobe Premier or Windows Movie Maker, then i will be forever greatful! :)
Thank you! Also, you can look at my journal for icons if you wish XD
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sharpening all frames

for animated avators, like the little movie ones, when i make them they can have around 100 frames each. so i have to edit every single one of those frames in paint shop and it really kills my wrist just for one animation. is there any way i can sharpen all the frames at once?  maybe a free program or something already in my psp or PS program that will do that?