September 23rd, 2003

atobe/tezuka [content] // ????
  • grissom


I have a question that is so utterly basic that I fully expect to be pelted with fruit and vegetables, and made a laughing stock, but here goes. It's about screencaps.

I'm looking to make a Mini-Movie icon, (and yes I've read all the tutorials,) but clearly my question is so basic, that no-one sees the need to cover it. I have my base image, etc, and I can use PSP7 perfectly well. (I should point out that Animation Shop 3 is my animation prog), so the problem doesn't lie there.

My problem is actually making the screencaps for my movie. I know people download trailers, etc, to use as their resource for frame-by-frame captures, and I have the requisite mpeg's, etc, that I want. However, when I try and capture the image on the screen, (I just use the 'print screen' button, and paste it into PSP7,) the place where the frame should be comes up blank.

I have Real Player, and Windows Media Player, and I'm assuming that to get frame by frame captures, people merely pause the movie, and take the screencap, advancing it by a second or two each time. (If I'm wrong, can someone please correct me.)

The image I get when I paste it, merely shows the window of the programme (either Windows Media Player, or Real player,) but not the frame of the movie/video in it, just a black space where it should be.

I know this is badly explained, and horribly basic, but if someone could tell me what I'm doing wrong, or if there is another way to get these screencaps, when you already have the trailer/mpeg, then I would be SO very appreciative.

- Grissom.