October 4th, 2003

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Major Problem with Text

Okay...everytime i try to make an icon with scripty text, it ALWAYS looks blurry and/or hard to see. If i take off Anti alias it looks all nasty. It happens in both PSP 7 and PS for me. I dont know whats wrong but its really pissing me off because it limits my font choices greatly.

Any help on this would be much appreciated as it is driving me NUTS! =)

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Photoshop 7 or Paint Shop Pro 7

Hi I was just wondering if there was any way where I can minimize all my pictures to the same size so that I can make a movie icon. For example, this picture.


I want to get rid of the black parts on the top and bottom and minimize it to a certain size. I can get rid of the black parts by cutting them out, but then the pictures won't be a standard size, so when I make them move they'll look jumpy. Like this

Please help?
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newbie with a few questions

Hello, I'm a newbie, and firstly I'd like to say what a great community this is, and it's been really helpful to me. I have a few questions, if somebody wouldn't mind answering them for me... :)

1. What does anti-alias mean when using the font tool? Someone told me that you should use it if you're using non-pixel fonts, but I just wanted to know what it did exactly.

2. When I'm resizing a pic down to 100 x 100, it's often blurry. Sometimes I can use either 'soft focus' or a layer gaussian blur to combat this, but sometimes it still looks fuzzy and I've seen people successfully shrink the same pictures, so I was just wondering if anybody knew of other ways to make resized images look better. (by the way, I use PSP8)