October 6th, 2003

[per] Curls


What kind of font is this? Or where can I download others like it?

strangegrl's icon.

I just cannot seem to find fonts like this, and they're the best for making outlined text. Any help would be totally aprpeciated.

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Ok...A little help please~!

I use photoshop and animation shop and I was hoping someone could tell me how to make an icon with a sort of tinge to it.

Like this :

I would love to know how to make the little squares in the background, the basic green layer sort of thing and the two little stripes.

If anyone knows how to make things transparent as well, well that's just dandy.


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2 questions


I use PSP 7 and Animation Shop.

First question:
How do you get the spray-painted look of the color behind the text? And is the brightness of the color just because it *is* a bright color, or is that another effect?

Second question:
How do you do this brightness effect? I've seen it done on a ton of icons lately and think it is so pretty! And before anyone says it, no, it is not the picture that is that bright!

Thank you.