October 7th, 2003

[per] Curls

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Okay, so I downloaded some new brushes from www.a-b-z.net

Now, I'm using PSP 7 and I've created a 100x75, transparent layer.

I select my brush and attempt to apply it to the layer. But I get an error message that says: "You must specify a clone source by right-clicking or clicking the image with the shift key down before you can use the clone brush."

Nothing happens. No brush appears on my nice little layer. I make the layer white, still nothing.

I've searched in the memories for a tutorial that could help me out but there isn't anything..

So, anyone want to help a poor girl out?
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MLP: starlight

background behind the text is all blurry...

okay, so i'm trying to make a graphic for my site in PSP8, and i did text outlining (i finally figured it out THANK GOD), but the problem is, the background behind the text is all blurry. it's probably some really simple thing that i'm gonna feel like a total ass for not knowing, but...um...help? i'm xcatxstarx on AIM, if anyone wants to IM me and help me out.

great community, btw. i'm too lazy to read through the PSP book thing, and this community has helped me out a lot.
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