October 8th, 2003

Stock: God's Bringing Donuts!

Regarding mini-movie icons and Photoshop/ImageReady text...

About what would be the duration (or frame) limit of a mini-movie in an icon to fit under the LJ size limit? Because I have a couple of ideas for mini-movie icons that would probably be too long but really cool if I pull them off...

(Using Photoshop and ImageReady 7, if that helps any, which it probably won't. ^^;;)

And on text effects. I outline the text for an icon in Photoshop, save. I mess around with the mini-movie for the icon in ImageReady, save. I decide I don't want the outline any more because it's probably using more space, take out the outline in Photoshop, save. I open the same icon back in ImageReady, and the blasted outline's back again.

So is there any way to remove the text layer effects while in ImageReady, or am I stuck with the outline (and probably 18 extra k, although that might be the mini-movie) whatever program I use?

Any help on either question will be much appreciated. :)


This girl had posted some templates here but I don't know how to use them. One of them suggested that I paste it as a transparent selection. I did, but it just blocked the base. I'm not sure if that I have to create another layer or something. So if somebody is willing to help me, I would appreaciatte it much. Thank you.
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