October 10th, 2003

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Um...hi. New to the community, and I had a question about text effects. (The animation program I'm familiar with is ImageReady, so Photoshop and ImageReady tutorials are preferred. XD)

See how the text goes blurry? Can anyone tell me which tool in ImageReady/Photoshop would produce that nifty effect? (Not just the blur in and of itself, but the WAY it blurrs and fades away.) I've tried using Motion Blur, but maybe I'm just not doing it right...

Help? ^^;
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I looked all through memories and couldnt find this one =

How do you actually download the fonts off dafont.com? I've downloaded one, once by opening, once by saving, but what next? how do i actually use it in paint or whatever, you know, set it up to use?
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alright.. i had this posted in a different community a while back, but didn't seem to get any answers for it, so I decided to ask here :) I searched the memories, but didn't see anything about it and if i missed it, I'm VERY sorry.. lol

I have a .wmv file that is saved on my computer and I wanted to make a mini movie icon with it... any suggestions on programs that would support this, but would let me play it frame by frame?

I have tried imageready, but it doesn't open this type of file..

thanks for any help you can give me..