October 11th, 2003


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Does anyone know anywhere where I can download Photoshop/Image Ready or PSP7/Animation SHop for free? My trial ran out n Photoshop, and I can't seem to re-download it. :(

And PSP7 is running out...SO I'd appreciate it...
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Avi Frames

Hi, I'm a newbie and this community has helped me out a lot. I just had a quick question that I couldn't find in the memories, how do you know the frames that you want to cap with avi files? I'm using animation shop and when they want you to specify a frame range to open, how do you know what numbers to put in? Is it just trial and error?
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How do you get this bright sort of effect on icons? I don't know how else to explain it, lol. I use photoshop.

I figured it out! In case anybody uses photoshop and wants to know how, I just went to Image-->Adjustments-->Hue/Saturation then upped the saturation.