October 18th, 2003


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Say I want to make an icon using a video, but the thing is, the only available way for me to get the video is to stream it from the site. And the stupid thing is, it only uses Real Player. Is there any way that I can get around that? Like is there a program that I can use to save the video unto my computer? And I've searched all over the place trying to get the video, but the only place it's available is off the site..Can anyone possibly help me?
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Okay.. here's the question: How do you outline (make those boxes that surround the icon) your icon? I use Adobe Photoshop. Also, I did check the memories, and I saw the "full icon tutorial for photoshop 5.0" but I have 7.. and the one for 5 didn't really help me.. so I was hoping someone here could.