October 21st, 2003

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Help, please?

Hi! First, I'd like to say how much this community has helped me improve my icon-making skills. But there's one thing that I desperately want to do and I know it must be rather easy but I haven't learned how to do it.

Say you convert a color image to black and white but you want to add color to the subject's eyes or hair. How would I go about this?

I use PS 7. Any help is very much appreciated. :)

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I asked about taking screencaps before, but I'm having a slightly different problem now. I have a program that will take screencaps (PowerDVD), but, whenever I do, the quality goes WAY down. The number of colors in the image seems to be reduced by nealy half and, basically, they look cruddy and blotchy.

Do you think the problem might be with my computer, or is there something else I can try to fix this problem?

Just a small question

I love the idea of this community, picking up new techniques for my icons is a wonderful thing. My question is...

(by iconorama)

See how there's that lined texture going on in the icon... is that a specific brush or some sort of texture effect?
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*tries to stay calm.*
alright, Ive figured out how to do everything for the icon, except make it small enough for lj. Its at like 196 k! Its a monster. How do I make it smaller without losing the quality of the icon?
k thanks-

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Hi everyone! I have a sily question, and it is partly off topic, but I'd really appreciate some help on this.

When I upload my icons to my image host (photobucket.com) and post them on various communities, people keep telling that they are only saving as .bmp files. But, I saved them to my computer as .gif and .jpeg files. And when *I* try to save them off the page I posted them at, they still save as the files they should be. Is it the image host, or other people's computers? Can anyone explain what is going on, so I can try to fix whatever is wrong? Thanks.
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Photoshop: black and white icons with colored parts using History brush

In addition to what has been suggested here, I tried to make a tutorial regarding the use of the History Brush; there a lot of ways of doing something in Photoshop, one more can only confuse you help you.
I used PS7, but it's the same for PS6.

the original (well, cropped and resized actually):

I'll show how you can: Collapse )

or Collapse )
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