October 28th, 2003

why i smile

Trying to be trendy. xD

It's the new trend, and for the life of me, I can't figure out how to do it. An example is here:

Now, I know how to make an animated gif from a .mpg file for example, using Animation Shop. But how can you insert the animation into a still frame without making a mess of things? XD Must it be copy/pasted frame by frame, or is there an easier way?

Thanks~ ^^
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Sorry to post here again, so soon, but the more I get experimental with PSP8 and the more adventurous I get, the more stupid mistakes I make that I can't figure out how to reverse. ~_^ This is my new one:

What did I do to the text? I can't make it stop doing that. ;_;

Grr. And thanks for your help in advance. ~_^
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Animated Movie Icon Question.

I know how to make them, so that's not the problem.

I can play DVDs and DL trailers and what have you, but, this is where I run into the problem.

I don't know of any programs that I can copy stills and what not to actually make the movie part of the icon. I have Windows XP, so if anyone can help me or direct me towards any programs that I can download to help me, please let me know, I will love you forever.


i want to make an animated icon but i have a mac and i cant find any programs to make animated images for a mac. does anyone know of a program i can download?

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McCOllins 2

PSP 7/Animation Shop 3 tip

If your using an animation for an icon and it's too dark. For example I've pulled many stills from the movie The Crow and since it's a dark movie once tha animation is reduced in size to fit it's almost unseeable.

I JUST figured this out! I was exporting each frame into PSP and altering the lighting and fading to make the images lighter. However the easiest way to do it is like this

1. Highlight all of your animation in Animation Shop 3
2. Right Click and select Export Frames To Paint Shop Pro
3. You'll end up with on image in PSP with mulitple layers(1 layer for each frame in the animation)
4. Do all the editing you need to each layer
5. Close the image
6. PSP will ask you if you want to update your animation in Animation Shop, hit yes
7. All done, now all the frames of your animation are updated:)
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