October 30th, 2003

Ooops... I shouldn't have deleted my post so soon!

LOL, but thank you to crumblingwalls for your help. I did what you suggested, but still I am ending up with this:

This was done with a 4 x 4 pixel grid, foreground: #B6B6B0 and background: #C4C2B8. I tried 2 x 2 and it looks just as bad.

What am I doing wrong??? Do I need to set my foreground/background colors to something else? I've tried black and white and they look equally horrid. *grin* Am I using the wrong pencil tip? What do you suggest is the best one?

I apologize for being a nuisance, but I want to get this nailed so I can start practicing it. This time I won't delete the post. *grin* Oh, and I checked out your other icons and they ROCK! You are so creative and talented... quite an asset to this community. Can I ask how you do the text in your LOTR, Pirates and Peter Pan icons? People have tried to explain it to me, but I still end up with plain white text. I want it outlined in black like in yours. I've got all the usual pixel fonts (04_03 and variants, Borgnine, Ernest, Redensek and a couple others), and I have no idea how to do this. Help!

Thanks... again. I hope you don't mind my questions.
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Animation Shop

This was the best place I could find to ask my question...

Animation Shop has been acting so funky with me lately lol. Sometimes when I erase something on a frame, it has kind of a shadow behind it. Sometimes when I want to paste one animation onto another (such as fading/blinking text onto another animated background), both of the same number of frames and same frame durations, the paste doesn't work. (I've tried the shortcut I always use, CTRL+E, and also the old fashioned way of right clicking and clicking paste into selected frames, and neither is working.

It's been giving me these problems and more I can't think of at the moment, for about the last few weeks. I've had it for like 2 years and I've never had problems like this before. Any advice?

Thanks :)
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