November 1st, 2003

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I can't believe I'm having the ask this question, as it makes me feel like the dumbest of the dumb, but here goes.

I'm fine at making mini-movie icons, screencapping, etc, but usually I use WMP or Real Player to get my screencaps from.

I'm currently making a batch of icons where the movies are in Quicktime. I'm not familiar with it at all, but I downloaded it, so I could access said movies.

The movies I want will play directly from the site they are stored on, but I want to download them and save them to my computer. Call me braindead, but I simply can't figure out how to do this with Quicktime.

I'm used to Right-clicking and hitting 'Save Target As' for any WMP and RP movies, but that doesn't seem to be an option for Quicktime.

Can any seasoned QT users give me a hand?

I know this isn't strictly an icon question, but since it's going to help me with icons in the long run, I thought it would be okay.

Cheers guys.

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sexy ryan

(no subject)

Hi all. I've read most of the memories, and though they are really good. I can hardly use any of them. :( What I'm looking for is a tutorial on how to outline text...but on paintshop pro 8. Can anyone help me?

-Thanks in advance.
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charlize blows kissies

(no subject)

Hi, Im new here and well...i cant make icons to save my life...I was wondering something though..I have ImageReady 7.0 and I cant figure out how to get two different pictures in the Animation box on the screen....I open a picture and it shows it there and then I open another adn the picture dissapears and its replaced by the new picture...this might sound very stupid, especially to those of you who find that to be rather simple but I'd really REALLy appreciate some help. Thanx!


hey where do u get the small fonts? maybe u already answered.. but im new here.. and i made my first two icons ever!! tell me what u think.. and maybe if anyone has ideas on how to improve them.. let me know :) thanks

hi.. i need help

hey i need help.. as u can see in my last post i was talking about where to get small fonts.. well i went to this site:

and downloaded the right fonts for my computer but then when i went to put them into the fonts folder.. it said it was a invalid font.. anyone have any ideas what i should do? i would grately appreciate! :) thanks
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