November 3rd, 2003

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Coloring a Black and White Image

Coloring a black and white image isn't nearly as hard as one might expect. I taught myself how to do this and it's pretty easy once you get the hang of it. I've seen different ways to do this on the Internet, and have tried many of them, but I always end up going back to my way. This tutorial was written using Paint Shop Pro 7, but it's entirely possible that it can be done in Photoshop as well. I haven't tried it there, but I do know most of the tools I used are the similar. Collapse )

I hope this helps someone. I learned how to do this on my own because when I went out looking for tutorials on how to color a black and white image, I didn't find any. I've since found some, but they usually use the Retouch tool set to Color to Target, and the possibilities with that are greatly reduced because you can't do each section on a separate layer, which means no reduction of Opacity or Blend Mode changes.
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(no subject)

I'm still having problems with Fade in AS3. Here was my original icon (before I realized I slightly misquoted Galadriel (*grin*):

I liked the slowness of the fade, and how it seems to drip into the next line, but it was like, 188kb! Well, today I reworked it a little, speeding up the fade, and came up with:

which was done with a transition length of 0.7 seconds and six frames per second, and the size is still 118kb. Is there a way to get it more like the first one that isn't a massive file size? Grrr. Could it be that I'm putting the fade in the wrong positions? I don't think that's it, though... hrm.
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(no subject)

Hi, I was wondering if someone could teach me how to make text transparent like on the icon above. I use paint shop pro 8 (in case you need to know) – thanks in advance. <3

P.S I’m really new at this, so it would help that if you were explaining things that you would use simple terms. >.
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Drop shadow +.

I was wondering, does anyone know how to do the text effect on this picture [the part where it's white behind the bigger text, and also has a drop shadow], for PhotoShop? Also, I don't know who made it, so I can't give proper credit, but it's part of a blending challenge at blend_challenge.

I also checked the memories to see if there was anything on it, but I didn't find it. Sorry if I overlooked it though.
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(no subject)

Hey everyone, it’s me again. ^_____^ could anyone tell me how to make that ‘fade’ effect on the icon above? I use animation shop 3. It would be greatly appreciated, =)

-thanx in advance
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(no subject)

to make my icons, i use ulead gif animator 5. i've figured out some of the options but is there a better program i can get out there? like on kazaa or something?

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I think this has been asked before but....

I can't find an entry on it. I want to put a dashed border around an icon that movies. It would look like you had selected an area in Photoshop or PSP. You know that selection square that sort of rotates.

This person has the dashed icon border, but it doesn't rotate or move. Like it's not animated. And while I'm at it, how do I get just the dashed border as well?

I remember reading something about having to select something in photoshop in the shape I want and then press print screen, but I don't recall the rest of it.

Thank you so much and I'm so sorry if this has been asked already, but I couldn't find out how to do it anywhere.

[edit] I'm using PS 7.0 in case you needed to know.