November 4th, 2003

world we knew // afrayedknot

I PROMISE i've looked through the memories...

And this just isn't there...

*is confused*

Ok..I really just need help with the last step of icon making. I usually make transparent icons but recently I've been saving them as PNG files instead of GIFs. This is because when ever I save as GIFs in Photoshop it turns out REALLY poor quality.

I'm talking:


and PNG =

Now you can immediately see my problem.

WHY, oh WHY is there a grey background? I really don't see where this happens, because when it saves it doesn't have a grey there anything I can do?

PLEASE help!!

More Icons - Grey Background

(It doesn't matter what colour the image is, the background is always grey).

Thank you!!


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(no subject)

I hope somebody can help before I have an absolute fit. Does anybody here have Corel? [I have Corel trace, photo-paint, draw, rave, capture... I don't even know which I should be doing this sort of thing in. *L* PSP was so much easier.] Anyway, if some lovely person whom I will forever be indebted to does, do you know how to outline text in that program? I can't find it anywhere and it looks so much nicer with it.

Thanks. :-)
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(no subject)

Seeing as I am completely and totally computer illiterate, I was looking through the memories and coming up empty handed. I surfed around for a bit and still didnt find what I was looking for....
Anyone want to help me out?
I want to learn how to do cool stuff with text like make it flash, glitter, fade, blink... help anyone whos really bored?
replay or IM me foundbythesea