November 6th, 2003

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wow I cant believe my idea worked.

Ahhh, ok. Last night a little light when on in my head. I dont know how others make movie icons, I think you need a screen capping maching unless you have TONS of pics that can be individual frames and put them together, but I have saved a few video clips on my computer. So I thought what if I opened the video into animation shop and then it would have all the frames!! and low and behold IT WORKED! However the only file that works with this is a winamp video file. But the thing is there are so many frames that I cant really use it on LJ because the gif. file is too large. I have seen lots of movie icons that look like they would have to be many frames (unless maybe you are using another program besides animation shop3) so is there a way I can make the file 40k without deleting anything? If not, what are the other programs people use, and do you need a screen capping maching to make movie icons? I would greatly appreciate and answers, thanks.
This comm. is great by the way.
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Tutorial: Outlining Small Fonts

Outlining Small Fonts Tutorial for Paintshop Pro 8
This tutorial will show you how to outline small fonts like this:

Paintshop Pro does have an option for outlining text but often fonts like 04b are too small to look good with that setting. But there are ways to outline text without Paintshop Pro's outline setting.

(This tutorial is for PSP8 but the priciple is the same for other versions of PSP)

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transparency question

How do you make part of an icon completely transparent?

kinda like this one
this icon belongs to upthebum

where the part in the top left corner is not there. how do you do that? I have some ArcSoft PhotoStudio if that helps .. but yeah. You don't have to guide me like step by step but you can just tell me the tools I probably would need.


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OK, I poked around the memories again and didn't see anything exactly like what I needed.

Anyone have any really good ImageReady tutorials, particularly for screen capping? I'm having the hardest time using it to cap MPEG files and QuickTime, too. I've also tried using the PrintScreen key but when I go to paste it into PSP it shows up as a black screen, no matter if I'm capping from Windows Media, DivX or QuickTime. Grrr.
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