November 12th, 2003

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HELP! How do I do the corner thing on this?

If you look really carefully, you can see the little dots in each corner. Is it just a transparency and then adding the dots in?

I'm using PhotoShop, BTW..

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How can I do those sparkly star thingies in PSP 8? 0.0 I've read all the tutorials, but it practically says you can only do it on psp 7. psp 8 doesn't have that 'X' shaped brush! =/

Thanks in advance!
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Stock: God's Bringing Donuts!

I have a complaint to issue...

Dunno why, but recently, when saving from .psd into something else (usually .gif, though it did this with .jpg as well) in Photoshop and/or ImageReady 7, Photoshop/IR has been tacking a little '.Ink' to the end, rendering the file unusuable on the Net. (Ie. I try to upload an icon, the file name is something like "prima_worried.gif.Ink", MSN and LJ are not liking it.) It didn't do this before.

Or is this an XP thing that I need to change? Because I very recently upgraded my PC to Windows XP, and it was saving fine when I was on Windows 98.

Any ideas as to what it's doing, why it's doing it, and how I can stop this would be LOVED.

OKay, figured that it ain't PhotoShop (thank god), but Mozilla doesn't seem to like uploading my pretty icons any more. Eh, maybe the LJ/MSN uploading software is incompatible with Mozilla in XP. *shrugs*
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