November 15th, 2003

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okay, i'm extremely new to psp8 and photoshop, but i'm not really diggin photoshop much( so stuff about all the help i'm asking for, please perferably format into psp8. but if not, i'll attempt in ps.)

question 1: as you can see in my icon of the lovely conor oberst there are checkers behind him. not a big buliding like it was orginally. how the hell do i cut him out, nicely and make a new backround like that?

question2: how do i dwl new brushes? i have winzip, and i extracted them into the psp8 brushes folder but they are not showing up in the program...

and lastly Question 3: how do i animate little twinkle stars or anything for that matter in psp. can it be done?

once again i am very new. please help me and i'm sorry .

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Change glow colors?

I was wondering if I could get some help with glows in Adobe Photoshop Elements (or normal Photoshop, I think I could get it from there since the programs are almost the same). Is it possible to change a glow around text, like in this icon: to be a color other than the yellowish?

If anyone has any suggestions, they'd be greatly appreciated.
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Hello! I am in need of some help.

Is there a template or some other such device that people use to get those icons where there is a still image at the top, a short divider, then a mini-movie?

In any case, could some kind soul tell me how to do such a thing? I will be very grateful if somebody does.

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okay.. well.. here's the thing.. whenever i make an animation in imageready 7.0 and save it as a gif., the pixels get really messed up and the icon looks blurry.. and i have no idea how to fix it. i'm not sure if anyone here knows how to fix it either, but maybe someone does? thanks in advance!
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