November 20th, 2003

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Hoping for redirection..

Hi, I just joined a few days ago, and I already have a question.. I was looking through the memories, and I found one pertaining to what I wanted to know, i.e., how to make an image monochromatic, and leave certain parts with color. Someone commented ot that entry with a link to the Adobe site's tutorial, but when it's clicked now, it leads to Adobe saying that the page can't be found. I tried to surf back through the site and find something else, but it isn't working out too well. Can anyone help? I use PhotoShop version 6, by the way.

If this was answered in another entry and I missed it, I apologize. Feel free to slap me with a stick. :)

(Memory link is here.)
1..Close Your Eyes

Screen Cap help

Ok, two questions:

1. I just was able to make screencaps in Quicktime & print screen them into psp7. For some reason now when i do it and save it, it comes up all black. It was working the first time and now it wont T.T this upsets me.

2. I looked through your turtorails (which are amazing by the way) but I couldn't find anything on actually saving every frame of the scene of the movie. I tried by pausing and moving inch by inch and saving the frames but the scene came up very choppy. Is there are better way to do this?
Thanks in advance!
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