November 22nd, 2003

misc: horizon


I was wondering whether anyone can tell me where to find a font like the one in this icon: * for Mac OS 9. I know that it's Lainie Day SH at dafont, but I can't download things on an OS 9 that are meant for an OS X. So if anyone can recommend any fonts that are very similar to this one, I'd really really appreciate it.

*icon is not made by me, it is the gorgeous work of isabellecs.

so confused..

i actually can't believe people haven't done a tut. on this yet. everyone keeps talking about the transparency templates and using them and what not. but what about making those nifty cuts yourself? Does anyone know how they're done? am i even making sense? lol. i want to do the patterns in the templates, but i don't know how. does anyone. yes. that's what i'm asking. and. um. for whoever runs this place, you might want to re-check your tuts. i was looking through the ones for Photoshop and there's some that should be in the PSP section. Anyways. :DDD
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