November 24th, 2003

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Illegible bitmap fonts

Yesterday some of my bitmap fonts started to look very unclear when I was making icons in Photoshop 7, and when I say unclear, I mean illegible. The 'W' is showing as a solid square, and the 'O' is a solid round for example. The fonts affected are 04b_24, 04b_19 and Ernest. Oddly, they actually look clearer with anti-alias turned on, though still not as distinct as they should be. I've double checked all my settings, tried deleting and reinstalling fonts, uninstalling Photoshop and reinstalling it, and system restore. I'm now out of ideas, and feeling stuck without some of my favourite icon fonts. Has anyone any suggestions for a fix, or what the problem might be?

Cross-posted to fontaddicts.

ETA: Solution provided (though I still don't know why it happened). In case anyone else gets the same problem, switch the font size from an even number to an odd number, or vice versa. Thanks to engel_x for that fix. Inbetween font sizes also work, such as 7.4 for a font that you'd normally use on font size 8.

Pixel visibility

I have some screencaps that I would like to enlarge, but when I do so, the pixels become quite visible and the pictures just don't look any good. I was wondering if there are any filters or effects that can be applied to make the pixels less obvious. I'm a novice to graphic design programs and only have PS4 but I intend to upgrade very soon.
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Anybody know how to get this effect on an image?

That's a sample of the font Acidic from, which is the only thing I could use to make an example of what I'm looking for. I use Photoshop 7. Thanks in advance. :)
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How do you get the little arrow animation on icons, such as this one I found on GreatestJournal?

I think that is the niftiest little thing! *grin*

Is there a certain template I need or is there a different method altogether? Thanks so much, guys! You rock.
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