December 1st, 2003

Business post

Hello everyone. Sadly, we've had one of our moderators retire, due to a busy real life. We wish deringer well, and hope everything works out for her!

However, this means that we could use another moderator. Interested?

The duties of moderator include:
--making sure the memories are updated with the various tutorials.
--helping to keep the peace among members (which, thankfully, doesn't really get disturbed much).
--and pretty much just helping out with anything that comes up.

Being a moderator doesn't really take a lot of time. It helps if you watch the community, so you can go through and update the memories, and check for any flaming that might be going on. You don't have to be a resident know-it-all -- thankfully no one seems to be looking at the moderators to have the answers to everything. :)

If you are interested in being a moderator for this community, either leave a comment or email me with your contact information (email is preferred, or AIM screenname will also work).

Also, if anyone doesn't want the mantle of moderator but wants to get a little more involved in the business/day-to-day stuff of the community, leave a comment or email. There are a few little tasks that I could really use a hand getting accomplished, since I have to buckle down and get college apps out in the next two weeks (gah!).

Thank you everyone, for the help you give!
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I desperately need help...Everytime I try to blend something it turns out like crap. I'm using PhotoShop, and I really really need to know how to do this...are there any hints anyone can give me??

Thank you so much for even just reading this!!

--> Meg


hello! i'm new and i'm not much of an icon maker but i love to make them anyways! :D

hope i can learn some cool tips and such....

but anywho, ya i'm new and i guess that's it for now!
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I was wondering....

Since I have no idea how to do anything at all in ImageReady, I was wondering if someone might make a tutorial on it? I'd love to know how to animate icons with it. I'm always up for learning new things and all I know right now is Animation Shop so it would be awesome. Just someday in the future when someone gets some spare time. Thanks!