December 2nd, 2003

Yet another question about templates :)

Okay, I completely understand how to use templates. and I understand the concept of how to make them. What I'm wondering is (especially in Photoshop 7) what tool do you use to draw the template with? Paintbrush, pencil tool, what? Especially where little bitty hearta and stars and such are concerned. How do you get these little things the same size, etc and not to where they look like a little kid with a shaky hand drew them?

Also, if you use the paintbrush tool, which brush do you use to get nice crisp clean lines. Not just straight lines, but all of them?
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PSP7 question about Feathering


Whenever I use the feather option on text and copy/paste it into a new image, the text is so light you can barely see it. Is there a way I can fix this to make it darker? Or in what screen do I do that?

Thank you.
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Can anyone tell me where I could find those cool calligraphic minifonts? And if they aren't actual minifonts, then how do they show up so well?

Ugh. I'm frustrated as all get out with how my fonts are turning up on my icons .. even *with* the minis, when I stroke outlines around them, they come out looking all foggy and not as crisp as I'd like (the icon I'm using now and just made is a perfect example).

Please help!

I'm using PS 6, by the way. :P