December 3rd, 2003



Is Print Shop 10.0, Imaging, Paint, Serif DrawPlus 3.0 and Microsoft Picture It Premium 2002 good for creating icons?
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Just a small question from me. Is there any way or any program you can use to make pictures bigger without losing it's quality? I know there's definitely a way, or else newspapers and magazines won't be able to give out posters =X If anyone know how, I would be grateful XD
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Hullo ^_^
Okay, to the problem!
I really want to make screencaps off a DVD but I don't have PowerDVD. Are there any other programs that are free and allow screencapping? Thanks in advance & apologies if this question has popped up before (it undoubtly has I bet), I did skim the turtorials to see if it was there but I beleive I only saw screncapping in Quicktime which I can already do.

By the way, I love this community.
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Just a quick Hi and a question

Hi everyone,

I've just found this community and it's great :) I'm tried to create a small 'movie' icon, I have each different part of the animation saved as a different gif file but the file size is far to big to upload as my image. At the moment I'm using Photoshop 5.5 and Microsoft Gif animator to create my animations. Does anyone know a way (or a different software application that I can use)to make the file smaller but keeping the quality?


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