December 6th, 2003


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Hi. I can't for the life of me work out how to do transparencies for Photoshop 6 when using templates. I've gone through the memories and found tuts for paint shop but not photoshop. I'm just learning about templates. Can someone help me? If there is a memory for transparencies in photoshop 6 and I've missed it, could someone direct me? Otherwise, this is what my icon turned out like:

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Can someone please direct me to a download page for the font 04b? I've looked for it on numerous sites but just can't find the plain 04b font! Thanks.
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OKay, I know you must all be sick of me by now...

But my PhotoShop (7) has recently started double line spacing some fonts and overlapping the second lines of some fonts onto the first. I can avoid the problem by putting each line of text on a separate layer, but it was really so much easier before it started happening. Does anybody know why this is happening and how I can fix it?
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credit to daydreamerelf

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I'm curious . . . how do you make screen caps? I don't know what program I have to use, or how to do it, or anything, and if anybody would be so kind as to help me, it would be greatly appreciated!
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Icon with little animation

Now I know how to make the animation itself and I also know how to screen capture. The problem I am having is this....

How do I fit each capture to the right size and position?

Hope someone can help cause it's been eating at my brain for ages.
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screen caps?

i know there have been a couple entries on this topic recently but none of them really answered my problem...which is when i use the psp7 screen capture, and hen paste it into psp7, the image cannot be made smaller or bigger and is fixed in a position i cannot move (the position of the DVD player i captured it from)
the prt sc key also those that too.

does anyone know a program (preferably free) that helps me create screen captures?
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Question 1
How does one make icons like:
- (c) leggyslove

Is there a brush for making them like that? That you delete different parts? Or with layers? Or if it's with templates like this:
, where could I find those templates?

Thanks in advance, and I checked the memories, but I did not understand it :(



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Question 2
How can you make the rest of the icon transparent like this?
(c) leggyslove
Do you have to delete that yourself? Because the text is 'over' the picture, but still visible. I'm sorry that I can't explain that very well, but I hope someone knows what I mean ;)