December 7th, 2003

blue hair

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Could anyone tell me how to make the pretty sort of transparent borders like on this icon: ?

Step-by-step, please.

The only way I know how to make lines is with the line tool, which always turns out craptastic and never as smooth as those sort of lines.

I use PS 6. Thank you!
dear lj

Flash animations

How do you get a flash animation and make it into an icon. I'm pretty sure its possible because I've seen it done before.

x-posed in icon_help and icon_tutorial
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Looking at you

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hello gus i think i'm very dumb. I'm feeling really down. After ihave read the tutorial of imageready i still cant figure it out. :( I'm using image ready3.0 juzt cant work for me anyone has any image ready easier understanding tutorial care to impact to me the info. I'll be very greatful to u guys . And after i have mastered i will do one nice icon for u all as appreciation :) ~ HELP ~
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Hi....I'm havinga bit of trouble with some filters I just dowloaded because I don't know how to upload them into photoshop..I know I'm just dumb but I'd appreciatea little help. please.