December 10th, 2003

oh so sudden

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Someone PLEASE tell me ASAP how in the world you get off transparency...
i try to erase part of a picture i pasted as a new selection but when i erase i get a transparent backround. not the layer i had underneath.
i'm going insane and i'm almost on the verge of tears from total fustration.
I have PSP 8

thank you so much
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Large pixelated effect

At least I guess that's what it is. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to get the effect seen in this icon, made by dtissagirl

The effect that appears at the top and in the left hand corner. It looks pixelated, but larger.

I use Photoshop 7 by the way :)

Thanks in advance.
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Hey all! I'm new at this community... One of my friends showed it to me after I asked them if they knew how to make movie icons. You all have helped me make many wonderful movie icons and I look forward to learning more from you all...

But right now, I have a question on... I want to make another movie icon, but I don't have an MOV of it. It's something from the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' DVD... Do any of you know how to take bits of DVDs and change them to MOVs? I hope this hasn't been asked, I checked the memories and nothing fits... I use Adobe Photoshop, Image Ready, and Jasc Animation Shop 3, if that matters.
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I'm in love with this icon, (not the biggest britney fan) but I love whatever it was the maker done to it. Can anyone please tell me how it was made? My bases always turn out looking so boring!

Thanks in advance. <3

Oh and I use psp8.
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I've got a wee question!

i've seen so many spectacular LotR icons or jsut fantasy icons with these great little swirly things. i'm on picture it! and was wondering if anyone can help me! am i being to vague? does anyone out there know of what i speak, or am i rambling on again? but if you can help, i'd appreciate it a lot!
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...says thankeries in advance...
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